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Conflicting Recipes: Sheet Metal Block and Empty Cells
The recipe for Sheet Metal Block (immersive engineering) and Empty Cellsx16 (Nuclearcraft) are the same, making it very hard to make some Immersive Engineering items.

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Theres anotehr recipe (ic2 machine casing?) that appears to be 'use an iron plate from one of these three mods' but it didnt seem to work, then i realized only the bottom right plate did *not* change, and was only an ic2 plate. So the other 8 positions were any iron plate, that one required an ic2 plate. Putting in 8 nuclearcraft plates made a different item, the metal furnace i think.

Are the plates flashing back and forth showing that you can use all the plates, but maybe one is ONLY from one mod, on each recipe?
Thanks guys. I'll see if Tubzy is about to fix the issue
I think the root of the problem is that all three items (IC2 Iron plate, Nuclearcraft Iron Plating, Immersive Engineering Iron Plate) are all listed as "plateIron" in the item listings. It shows any combination of the three plates could be used to make any of the items with the recipe, but since we don't have a way of cycling the recipes we're stuck with the one option.
I added a recipe for the sheet metal blocks. Hopefully that will fix it. It's a recipe conflict, not the first I've had to fix. All I did was add a piece of cobble to the recipe. Also, if you use the workbench from forestry, you can choose what item you want to craft. I had to do this with the bronze tools. It's something to do with the oredict. I spent hours trying to remove some of the redundant recipes (like bronze tools) or conflicting recipes and for some reason it just wouldn't work. So, the forestry workbench works well as a workaround.
Thanks Tubz, much appreciated
Did not know about the forestry workbench, I don't often touch that mod. Thanks for fixing the recipes! ^_^
You are welcome.

I totally understand not touching forestry. It's not a mod I care for. I kind of stumbled into that workbench looking for something similar to the tinker's workbench. Once I figured that you could choose what to craft it became the workbench that I used the most.

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