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Sog's Application
IGN: Sogator

Age: 21

Timezone: GMT+1 / CET

What do you want in a server: A place to have fun and troll people connect to people. Angel

Please tell us something about yourself: I am looking for a small server as it's are to find a nice community on bigger ones. I think I am not too rude, even though I like to bitch about stuff a lot. I also have a slow(er) play style than most people, which this server seems to be a perfect fit for.

Will you be joining the discord group (information available after approval): Yes

Please don't use single word answers.This a chance for the community and admin team to see if you are a good fit into our community.
Pff, Kleptocracy will do for me, thanks. Heart

Discord is our voice and text chat group

Sogator! Welcome to Requiem
Dang, I thought I could have some time away from sog every so often Tongue
Don't mind him Sog Tongue
hey hey sog welcome
Yay Sog!

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Welcome to Requiem Of A Pickaxe. We are a mature gaming community with a strict 21+ policy. We just want to play some games with as few issues as possible and grow a like minded community.