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Jack's application
IGN: Jackmm1301

Age: 21

Timezone: GMT

What do you want in a server: Friends! And minecraft? I've been playing MC since beta and have been playing on servers for about a week less than that. I like playing with people, seeing their builds, showing off my own builds, collaborating on spawn villages and nether hubs and things like that. Games are just more fun when you can share them with someone.

Please tell us something about yourself: Anything? My favourite colour is green. Wink I'm a uni student, from England but currently studying in Wales. I study maths and I'm a typically bad student; I spend less time than I should studying and more time than I should playing games. I've been reading a lot lately in a bid to wind down before bed and thereby fix my sleeping pattern (so far it hasn't worked, but the books have been good!). I'm also a football fan and support Portsmouth.

Will you be joining the discord group (information available after approval): Sure!
Hey Jack, welcome to Requiem
Thanks dude. Big Grin
You can join, but you are banned from all UHC's to give someone else a chance to win Tongue
Aw come on now Jolli, you know it'll be easier to win yourself if you can team up with me. Tongue
Talking about UHC's maybe we could get one going this weekend ?
Ok, you can join as long as you are on my time Tongue

I'm on call this weekend Sad

I can't do Friday I have another on if I'm not busy with work, maybe Saturday?
Thats all good dude, I'll make a post and see do we have any interest.
I can't do Saturday evening after 10pm Sad I can do Saturday day time or tonight but it's probably a bit short notice for that.

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Welcome to Requiem Of A Pickaxe. We are a mature gaming community with a strict 21+ policy. We just want to play some games with as few issues as possible and grow a like minded community.