Requiem Of A Pickaxe

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IGN: 1micah5

Age: 36

Timezone: CST

What do you want in a server: I like a no pressure casual experience with experienced and mature adults, geared towards survival and exploration with a hint of artistic creativity, a dab of learning, and a pinch of salt, medium rare.

Please tell us something about yourself: IT professional, father of 5, minor gadget addiction

Will you be joining the discord group (information available) eh, probably not. while i have experience in public speaking, i'm more of a private kinda dude, and i step away from the computer a lot (all the kids)
Welcome to the server

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Welcome to Requiem Of A Pickaxe. We are a mature gaming community with a strict 21+ policy. We just want to play some games with as few issues as possible and grow a like minded community.