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Modern Skyblock-

Note: If you did update to 3.1.5 (which was really buggy (sorry about that)), you don't have to update your questbook
  • Updated:
    -Bonsai Trees - fixing not being able to plant Saplings
    -Ender Tanks - fixing NBT data stopping you from upgrading them
    -MultiStorage - fixing NBT data stopping you from upgrading the Ender Link Chest
    -Reborn Core
    -Sky Compression - fixing the Compressed Snad and Compressed Red Sand recipes
    -Planet Progression - fixing the crash when putting the parts for the Satellite Rocket in the NASA Workbench
    -Zetta Industries
    -Career Bees
    -Corail Tombstone
    -Industrial Foregoing
  • Added:
    -FastWorkbench - removing most of the crafting lag, but breaking shift-click
  • Reverted
    -Immersive Engineering and its addons to their previous version as the latest IE version is quite broken
  • Recipes
    -OreDicted the Spiderbark and Avocado Sapling
    -Changed the recipe for the Spiderweb Sapling
  • Restrictions
    -Restricted Bronze Blend to Life In The Forest instead of Thermal Machinery
  • Questbook
    -Changed a few quest descriptions
    -Changed the Survivalist's Fishing Rod quest to no require every vanilla sapling

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