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Server Launched

Server port : 25568

Worlds is pregenerated with a 5k border.

This is an expert-ish progression-based questing pack for 1.12! It has a healthy mix of both Tech and Magic, and both are used in the pack's progression.
All quests are able to be completed before they are unlocked, so if you want to go ahead of the quest book, it shouldn't be a problem.
There is no physical questbook. The questbook can be open via keybind. The default keybind is the grave/tilde(`/~) key. This can be changed, though, in the controls settings.
Many recipes have been changed, and the quests will guide the player through most of the changes.

  • A plethora of mods
  • Lots of quests that will take the player from very early game through to the end game.
  • Many recipe changes to add custom extended progression to the pack.
  • Custom mob drops to make certain materials farm-able
  • Highly editted mod configs for custom pack feel
  • Previously mentioned recipe changes make for an expert-like pack that isn't overly challenging

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