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DW20 Application
1: In game name?: 191Trout

2: Age?: 23

3: Time zone?: ETC

4: Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server before? 
Inever for anything malicious, only for petty things like server drama i.e. Staff members having fueds with each other on decent sized towny servers
5: What are you looking for in a minecraft server?
I like to be able to share things with other people, i can't play single player because i find myself craving interactions with other players
6: Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you would bring to the community?
I'm a 23 year old American who immigrated to Canada for University, i've been playing minecraft off and on since dec 2010, i love messing with opencomputers, but building is my real passion, i love to build large complex structures but also make small cozy spaces. What i hope to bring to the community is i want to open an art studio and give out gifts of chisel and bits art as well as delve deeper into controlling my entire setup with open computers
7: Which servers would you like to be whitelisted on?
The direwolf20 1.12 server 
8: Have/will you join the discord group (This is not just for voice communications. We use it keep people up to date with the happenings on the server, keep track of bugs, arrange server events and help with technical issues)
Yea i have absolutely no problem joining the discord
9: How did you hear about Requiem?
A comment on a reddit post lead me to the website

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Welcome to Requiem Of A Pickaxe. We are a mature gaming community with a strict 21+ policy. We just want to play some games with as few issues as possible and grow a like minded community.