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Divine journey application
1: In game name?: lllexa

2: Age?: 22

3: Time zone?: YEKT

4: Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server before?: No

5: What are you looking for in a minecraft server?: Decent Community with friendly players

6: Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you would bring to the community?: I played minecraft for a long time and i like modded alot, ill try help people who dont know.

7: Which servers would you like to be whitelisted on?: Divine Journey

8: Have/will you join the discord group (This is not just for voice communications. We use it keep people up to date with the happenings on the server, keep track of bugs, arrange server events and help with technical issues)?: Yes, I will be able to join the discord group.

9: How did you hear about Requiem?: Google
I already approved your application is your previous IGN wrong?
In the previous application was the nickname of another account (austin5182002). Now I have a new account (lllexa), I can not use the past now.

By the way, I still need to include the loading of chunks on the base, but due to the fact that I can not go to that account anymore, I can not turn it off now. Can you turn it off? or is it better to remove the defense there completely so that I am able to develop further there? or it can not be removed and I have to start over?
How did you lose access to your account?
somewhere 8 months ago I bought a minecraft account in the account store ( for a little less than a dollar, then I did not know that this account has another owner, and here recently I tried to go play and the account owner changed the password, now I bought a normal account on the site (
Well now you have left the server vulnerable for attack as this person could of easily logged in and tampered with other peoples bases. Sorry I cant help you
I now can not play there anymore? Is it possible to remove the old nick from the whitelist (Austin5182002) and add a new one (lllexa)?

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