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Enigmatica 2 Expert v1.14 - not_loki - 03-24-2018


  • None

  • Mekanism: Set Hydrogen Energy Density to 150, effectively nerfing the Gas Burning Generator by 25%, with all fuels

  • Bill of Materials: Unbound the scroll keybinding

  • JAOPCA: Disabled Molten NuclearCraft metals

  • JAOPCA: Disabled a lot of nuggets

  • Actually Additions: Experience Solidifier

  • None

Enigmatica 2 Expert 1.13 to Enigmatica 2 Expert 1.14


- Reborn Core


Advanced Rocketry (went from [Archived file] to [Archived file]):

Retrieved from [Archived file] and [Archived file]'s changelogs:

Applied Energistics 2 (went from appliedenergistics2-rv5-stable-10.jar to [Archived file]):


Feature #3412: Added a simple warning to patterns when using CraftingManager fallback. - yueh

Feature #3415: Added a config option to disable the CraftingManager fallback. - yueh

Fixes #3411: Limit patterns without substitute to precise operations. - yueh

Fixes #3417: Avoid creating ItemStacks when injecting them into a cell. - yueh

Bookshelf (went from [Archived file] to [Archived file]):


* Updated forge version, and testing GPG commit signing. - Tyler Hancock

Cyclic (went from [Archived file] to [Archived file]):


* Fixed errored ores sometimes generating in nether, it now correctly respects config file.

* Fixed visibility and homing vector of Spirit Seeker missiles.

* Fixed stone minecart starting non-empty.

EmberRoot Zoo (went from EmberRootZoo-1.12-1.3.5.jar to [Archived file]):


* Updated mob AI registration (moved from constructor to init) which should reduce AI breaks such as spinning on ledges and other navigation issues.

* Fixed fallen mounts doing zero damage and just nudging the player around.

* Fallen Knights are more likely to dismount when in combat in order to be more deadly (especially if their attack gets blocked/stuck).

* New Fallen Knight config ChanceBow, defaults to 40% chance of having a bow instead of melee.

Ex Compressum (went from ExCompressum_1.12.2-3.0.17.jar to [Archived file]):


Fixed auto compressor dupe bug

Fixed wooden crucible not always consuming piped in dust

Fixed wood chippings not being compostable

Fixed compressed hammers being craftable with damaged hammers

Fixed mana sieve not being registered

Guide-API (went from Guide-API-1.12-2.1.4-57.jar to [Archived file]):


The-Fireplace: Updated README (#88)

The-Fireplace: Added PageJsonRecipe, removed PageIRecipe#fromJson (#91)

TehNut: Ran formatter

TehNut: De-lombok

Immersive Engineering (went from [Archived file] to [Archived file]):

Immersive Engineering 0.12 - 78:

- Added a preliminary connection render to debug obstructions (Malte)

- Added Craftweaker function to remove Crusher recipes by input (BluSurize)

- Fixed crash when breaking middle block of Feedthrough connector (Malte)

- Fixed errors related to floating point accuracy (Malte)

- Fixed Blastfurnace not working at all (Malte)

- Fixed raytracing on vertical connections (Malte)

- Fixed Sampledrill render (Malte)

- Fixed J8U25 message showing on dimension change (Malte)

- Fixed Feedthrough connectors connecting to themselves (Malte)

- Fixed wires dropping in the wrong location (Malte)

Industrial Craft (went from industrialcraft-2-2.8.66-ex112.jar to [Archived file]):



* Rework redstone and comparator handling. (Aroma1997)

Integrated Dynamics (went from IntegratedDynamics-1.12.2-0.11.8.jar to [Archived file]):


As always, don't forget to backup your world before updating!

Requires CyclopsCore version 0.11.5 or higher.


* Fix aspect settings not saving after closing gui with escape

Integrated Tunnels (went from IntegratedTunnels-1.12.2-1.5.4.jar to [Archived file]):


As always, don't forget to backup your world before updating!

Requires CyclopsCore version 0.11.5 or higher.


* Fix crash when setting world entity index, Closes #120

Just Enough HarvestCraft (JEHC) (went from [1.12.2] JEHC 1.4.1 to [Archived file]):

[1.12.2] JEHC 1.4.1:

- Marked the mod as a client-side one.

* Generated using (1.4)