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Known issues and bugs - Tubz - 03-23-2018

Since this is a pack for 1.10.2 and a lot of mod authors have stopped developing for that version we will run into some issues and bugs. This thread will be where we can let others know about them if it's something the admin team cannot fix.

RE: Known issues and bugs - Tubz - 03-23-2018

I'll start:

Sleeping in a tent from the camping mod causes your inventory to desync

Do not use the "USE" seal on the golems from Thaumcraft as it breaks the server

Using the Break block spell from Ars on ExU generators turns them into machine blocks

RE: Known issues and bugs - Chaogomu - 03-24-2018

Animania is one hot mess of bugs.

Animals randomly despawn and respawn. The Hamster Wheel also apparently breaks servers in the current version but is fixed in a new version.

There are some mod compatibility issues as well. Many mods require vanilla animal products which are impossible to get with Animania disabling vanilla animal spawns.

RE: Known issues and bugs - MonkeySquid - 03-25-2018

It seems as though the sanguine shifter from sanguimancy is uncraftable. Tried it with both a bound and unbound blood orb.
Without it, the altar manipulator is unusable as you can't set an output side (so i've wasted 4 stacks of redstone making that Sad )

RE: Known issues and bugs - MonkeySquid - 03-26-2018

The Altare Enigmatica(?) From Blood Arsenal is unusable. Causes a client crash when inserting an item (which is the while whole of the block). The issue was reported on the mods issue tracker in January but has no response yet.

RE: Known issues and bugs - Tubz - 03-27-2018

the marimorphosis flower from botania is completely unusuable.

RE: Known issues and bugs - rich9517 - 03-27-2018

The ender tanks from ender storage mod dont work they wont connect more than two. use the tanks from endertanks instead