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1 Online  Enigmatica 2 2/20 - 10 % world
4 Online  Undiscovered 0/20 - 0 % world
5 Online  Foolcraft 3 4/20 - 20 % world
    Total servers: 3     Total players: 6     Total slots: 60     Total empty slots: 54     Percent players: 10 %     Record players: 17

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  Server Launched
Posted by: Cauli - 05-26-2018, 07:03 PM - Forum: Foolcraft 3 - No Replies

FoolCraft 3 is a follow up to the original FoolCraft, it's for Minecraft 1.12.2, and is aimed at having as much fun as freakin' possible, while maintaining a progressive Minecraft experience.
It is the pack used by the official FoolCraft server found on YouTube and Twitch.
Mods like Vein-miner, Inventory Pets & Chance Cubes makes your play through light weight and fun, whilst FoolCraft offers depth by having heavy tech mods such as Ender IO and Thermal Expansion, as well as magical mods such as Botania. FoolCraft guarantees you to have a great time!
 ##Minimal 6GB and maximum 8GB of ram allocated needed to run the pack smooth

  Server Update. 2.5
Posted by: Chaogomu - 05-23-2018, 12:44 AM - Forum: Magic Time Sink - No Replies


Construct's Armory


Baubley Heart Containers
Chisels and Bits


Beneath Config to allow portal crafting

  Server Port 25578
Posted by: Cauli - 05-21-2018, 06:36 PM - Forum: Sevtech Ages - No Replies

As title

  Server Updated 1.0.2
Posted by: Cauli - 05-21-2018, 05:49 PM - Forum: Exoria - No Replies

Updated mods:

- Chisel & Bits (fixes shift click crash)
- VanillaFix (fixes random fall damage)

  Server Updated 1.0.1
Posted by: Cauli - 05-19-2018, 01:52 AM - Forum: Exoria - No Replies

- Removed Ex Nihilo Endstone recipe
- Reduced yield for Condenser ET crystals
- Removed Cobweb recipe
- Clarified a bunch of early game quest texts
Added mods:
- VanillaFix

  Server updated to version 2.4
Posted by: Chaogomu - 05-18-2018, 04:41 PM - Forum: Magic Time Sink - No Replies



Actually Additions
Corial Tombstone
Crafting Tweaks
FTB Utilities
Pam's Harvestcraft
Simple Generators
Twilight Forest
Valkyrie Lib

  Tips and Tricks
Posted by: Cauli - 05-15-2018, 07:35 PM - Forum: Exoria - No Replies

  Server Launched
Posted by: Cauli - 05-15-2018, 05:13 PM - Forum: Exoria - No Replies

Port 25567

This is my second pack after Age of Engineering, but don't expect Age of Engineering 2. It is very different.
You're exiled to a volcanic planet with no Ore Generation, you have to work for your survival. Also the only connection to your home planet is a  Portal where you can trade for things because they are obligated to help you so you don't die. The end goal is to planet hop and eventually go back to your home planet.
The pack is very different to Age of Engineering.
Age of Engineering is themeless, Exoria has story and lore.
In Age of Engineering you had machines and power day 1, in Exoria this is a mid-game goal.
Age of Engineering had a guide, Exoria has around 200 quests.
Age of Engineering was tech-centered, in Exoria it is all about how tech and magic benefit from each other.
Age of Engineering is all about big scale automation and overpoweredness, Exoria ends before you get to that.
Age of Engineering was a way for you to demonstrate how well you knew popular tech mods, Exoria has lots of unknown or even new mods and popular mods are heavily changed.
Exoria is a pack that is aimed to provide a unique experience that no other pack has done before. It was around one year in development, has tons of changed recipes and totally revamped world gen.
Report bugs here:
Join the Discord here:

  3.0.7 Changelog
Posted by: Cauli - 05-09-2018, 05:29 PM - Forum: Sevtech Ages - No Replies

Bug Fixes:
* Downgraded the Scannable mod to eliminate players getting kicked out of their first world join
* Added DarkLands wood slab to the ore dictionary (#1627)
* Fixed Arrow heads/bows being staged incorrectly (#964)
* Fixed Shields being uncraftable in the Smeltery due to incorrect staging (#944)
* Removed the Primal Dust bin (#841)
* Fixed incorrect recipes for Reborn Storage Storage Parts (#1635)
* Fixed Minecraft Cookie being incorrectly staged.
* Fixed Abyssalcraft Wasteland ores not being staged/masked correctly (#1625)
* Fixed Diamond Tools staging for recipe showing (#902)
* Fixed Skeletons being immune to Cacti and Punji Stick damage (#1419)
* Fixed the Saturn and Neptune advancements not triggering when entering the dimension (#1599)
* Fixed the Creative Tank Advancement triggering incorrectly (#1743)
* Better With Mods Leather Straps now have a recipe (#1736)
* Fixed incorrect advancement name for Compressor in stage 4
* Disable Quark's hotbar swap feature to prevent carry-on bugs (#1623)
* Removed the Astral Sorcery marble slab recipe/block from JEI until it's completed in the mod itself (#1608)
* Fixed broken compressed steel recipe for the Compressor (#1687)
* Fixed Tartaric Forge recipes (#1341)
* Added more tiles to Carry On blacklisting (#1590, #1610, #1630, #1770, #1824, #1804)
* Remove melting for Merchant to prevent infinite blood exploit; also gave villagers the same treatment (#1487)
* Fixed some logs missing plank conversions (#1861)
* Removed Diamond creation from the Pneumaticraft Pressure Chamber (not supposed to be available in this manner)
* Fixed the Mob Grinding Utils Saw to not require a diamond
* Fixed the Wicker in the Compost recipe to not require stage one
* Removed Carry-on allowing the pickup of Improved Backpacks
* Disabled MouseTweaks WheelTweak config...again.
* Fixed broken recipe for Chemical Injector (#2000)
* Inconsistent behaviour with barley (#1966)
* Fixed being unable to craft Drying Rack with Yew slabs (#1944)
* Fixed dupe recipes for the Map (#1798)
* Fixed Quantum Storage Crate being hidden in JEI (#1967)
* Fixed Crystallized Obsidian armour being staged incorrectly (#1477)
* Fixed recipe for Fire Charm due to staging (#1807)
* Fixed missed recipes for CarMod (#1852)
* Fixed "Broken" tooltip from displaying on the Bound Blade
* Moved raw and cooked ghast meat to age 2 from 3 (#1793)
* Removed default recipe left in for Mechanical Squeezer (#1795)
* Fix Bio-Mash not being able to be crafted in player inventory and in any 2x2 area of grid (#2019)
* Fix End Crystal advancement
* Disabled Liquid Coralium Transmutation to prevent massive lag (#1915)
* Disabled Buildcraft fluid shards to prevent a dupe (#1602)
* Fixed recipe for Filtered Buffer (#2014)
* Fixed missing processing recipe for Ilmenite ore in the crusher (#1411)
* Removed Automatic Fishing Net from villager trades (#2037)
* Fixed staging for Elemental Inscription Tool: Dusk and hide Efficency Rune (#1075)
* Fixed staging on various Blood Magic items (#1238)
* Fixed staging on Charcoal piece (#1248)
* Fixed old recipe not being removed for Arcane Ashes (#1779)
* Fixed incorrect staging for Electrum/Constantan (#1517)
* Remove slimeball dupe (#2040)
* Fixed Lonsdaleite Cystal being missing in the Environmental Tech config (#1708)
* The Ladder recipe now gives 3 instead of 1
* Switched the Unfired Porcelain millstone recipe to require white dye instead of bonemeal to stop a conflicting recipe interfering with progression
* Added recipe for sextant (#1995)
* Fixed staging issue with some light Oxygen Tanks (#2098)
* Fixed recipes and staging issues with Cyclic baubles (#1994)
* Removed casting recipe for Furnace Controller as it breaks progression
* Fixed titanium shards dropping on GC ores which had no use (#1455)
* Remove & hide and printing press until the mod is updated/fixed (#1429)
* Fixed Immersive Engineering Excavator not harvisting ores as expected (#2008)
* Moved the incorrectly item staged Stone Builder's Wand to stage 1 where it belongs
* IE Crusher gives proper dye from wool -> string recipes & AA Crusher gives proper dye from flower -> dye recipes (#593)
* Removed useless ironpane group from chisel
* Removed some recipes of items that dont exist
* Blacklist Compact Machines from Carry-On (#2193)
* Removed conflicting Arc Furnace recipes (Any that used a metal dust as a primary item)
* Fixed issue with mining Redstone ore with Silktouch not giving the correct ore block (#1875)
* Fixed Iron duplication exploit involving Iron Bars in the Stoked Crucible (#2187)
* Moved the Cyclic Dungeon Finder item to stage 3 and staged its recipe properly
* Fixed Creative Jetpack Thruster being incorrectly staged (#2227)
* Fixed Ender Crafter advancemnt triggering without both items being crafted. (#2209)
* Fixed Autunite not being detected by the Ultimate Prospector (#1895)
* Fix "Ender Alloy" advancement triggered on wrong ender alloy (#2240)
* Fixed Astral Sorcery Aevitas attunement converting stone into ores that should not be accessible. (#1240)
* Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the Inductive Logistics autocrafters to say stage 4 instead of 3
* Fixed the Cyclic Slow Slime Conveyor being staged incorrectly
* Removed dying wool in the Crucibal to correct a duplication bug
* Removed Elytra recipe from the Abyssal Craft Materializer since it was craftable in stage 3
* Added Mekanism cables and pipes to the carry-on blacklist to prevent potential crash
* Modified Containment Chalice recipe and pushed it back to age 3 (#2256)
* Re-Staged and changed the recipe for the AS Exchange Wand (#1005)
* Fix blood being staged wrong (#1168)
* Allow the Wild Dog to be spawnable in the RFTools Spawner (#2150)
* Remove Leather recipes from the Drying Basin (#2107)
* Disable AE2 Formation Plane Entity spawning until a fix is made in regards to spawning
* Re-Stage Containment Chalice to stage 3 (#2556)
* Doubled the chances of vanilla style dungeons to spawn in the Beneath Dimension
* Increased the drop chance of bones for most passive and hostile animal mobs
* Blazes and Endermen drops are now affected by looting
* Added the Ring of Ascent to 100% chance drop from Betweenlands Bosses and a small chance to drop from Pyrads, Peat Mummies, Wights, Gas Clouds, & Tar Beasts
* Lowered the creative tank recipe Blood Tank requirement to level 10 instead of 16
* Added a stage 2 recipe to create Astral Sorcery Stardust using Blood Magic
* Removed the Industrial Foregoing Fisher machine since it was not usable due to the fishing table being cleared (#1760)
* Added an Advancement to alert players on how to create a Nugget Cast
* Altered the recipe for the RFTools Machine Base for consistency
* The Market recipe was changed yet again
* Added an advancement for creating and using End Crystals in stage 4
* Added prismarine drops to mobs primarily located in the Dark Forest Maze (the one with the Knight Phantoms)
* Added an Advancement to alert players that Sea Lanterns can be used as Blood Magic Tier 3 Altar Caps
* Added an Advancement for the Galacticraft Oxygen Collector Fuel method
* Created a Steve's Carts Singularity
* Added a recipe to the Creative Tank to clear the liquid out of it
* Re-added the transmutation recipe for Starmetal Ore (#1792)
* Added crusher recipes for Salt block to dusts (#1717)
* Added clay block creation to the press (#1734)
* Added Chisel support for some of the Betweenland stones (#1686)
* Add Totempedia to Bibliocraft bookshelf (#1840)
* Created a Modular Machine for Paperclips
* Added a new recipe for the Creative Flight Modifier
* Tweaked the Supremium Armor Boot recipe
* Added glue recipe for Buffalo hide to the Cauldron (#1851)
* Added glass recipe to the ArcFurnace (#1858)
* Added all Geolosys ore to the Scannable Config in the proper category (rare & common)
* Removed the Scannable Structure Card. It was not picking up any structures and is a useless item
* Added Improved Backpacks and Shulker Boxes to the Iron Backpacks Blacklist so you cannot nest backpacks
* Increased the Y level range for the following Geolosys Veins: Coal, Rock Crystal, Gold, Lapis, Quartz, Kimberlite, Limonite, Malachite
* Add Environmental Tech JEI Descriptions and tooltips to Lightning Rod and Nanobot structures (#1592)
* Added recipe for Porcelain to the Industrial Mill (#2002)
* Allow Fiery Tears in Lava Crystal recipe (#1975)
* Fix the immersive engineering windmill advancement typo (#1845)
* Enabled rustic clay walls and staged in (#1822)
* Added recipe to convert Raw PigMan hide to salted hide (#1787)
* Added tooltip to the Quarry/Miner about usage in Space (#1452)
* Added Valus Melon to staging (#1349)
* Added more books to the ImmCraft Bookshelf (#1368)
* Added tooltip to the Creeping Moss on how to use it (#1968)
* Disabled Black Quartz from BWM (#1937)
* Added Betweenlands Infuser & Mortar to CarryOn blacklist (#1935)
* Diabled the BWM Manual being given by the mod via the config (#1724)
* Removed the Wolf Ash from JEI as we don't have a use for it.
* Added usage for the Wolf Head (#851)
* Changeds Starlight Advancement to use right click on the upgraded table (#978)
* Added tooltips to the GC rocket schematics to help users on what planet to find them (#2052)
* Added more foods to Cooking For Blockheads (#2051)
* Moved the Blood Magic Sentient sword to Stage One and gave it a new recipe
* Added support for any bucket type in Astral Sorcery recipes (#1809)
* Any unsupported plank type for barrels will now make an Oak Barrel (#2085)
* Disabled the Cyclic Shear block to force the path in the pack. (#2106)
* Added more food items to Nutrition (#2017)
* Changed durability on the Dog Boots
* Fixed staging on Iron Matchpick (#1503)
* Removed recipe for Reinforced Mesh (#1415)
* Added Black Iron recipe to the Arc Furnace (#1416)
* Added more seeds to be pressed into dirt
* Disabled the Extra Planets Radiation Mechanic
* Added Death Compass drops to Player Skinned mobs
* Add flower crushing recipes to Mekanism crusher (#1665)
* Add Bronze Ingot alloying to Arc Furnace (#1665)
* Added a Modular Machine to allow faster Compressed and Heavy Duty Plate Creation for stage 5
* Added an Advancement to alert players of the Spawner Seeker and its helpfulness when locating Galacticraft Dungeons
* Set Quark deposit to chest default behavior to stack with existing instead of dumping your entire inventory (#2231)
* Added The Betweenlands limestone to oreDict (#2196)
* Adjusted the Astral Sorcery Aevitas attunement hunger and saturation per tick
* Re-add Minecraft wool dying recipes
* Ore Changes:
* Ore processing has been changed in this version. Many processing recipes have been removed in favour for other mods and/or had values
tweaked. Processing is now performed on a Tier system starting with basic machines to top tier machines. With this update we have a new
Modular Machine which enables easier Ore processing this is based on the Mekanism spec but does not require all the normal machines as
you'd normally needed. Also you grain the secondary outputs for valid ores. So your getting more Dollars per Bill! All the recipes are
listed in JEI. Note however due to how the JEI is built for Modular Machinery the UI is not scaling correctly this may be solved in a
later update but we'll post on the Wiki the power usage/conversions for the machines to give more details.
* Added Twilight Forest to the Betweenlands Portal whitelist (#2205)
* Re-Stage the chisel to better suit the villager trade and enables players to start being creative eariler (#2258)
Mods Added:
* BuildCraft: Silicon (7.99.16)
* Needed for the .16 update to BuildCraft to keep the plugs/facades.
* FindMe (1.0.1-5)
* FindMe allows you to search for items in nearby inventories by pressing a key. For that you simply need to hover over an item (JEI Compatible) and press "Y".
* MystAgrad Cloche Compat (1.2)
* Add support for Tier 6 seeds in the Cloche.
* ReAuth (3.5.2)
* Fixes the Problem of having to restart your Client when your Session is invalid
* Just Enough Petroleum (0.1)
* Adds JEI support for Immersive Petroleum
* Bedrock B Gone
* Flattens Bedrock in the Overworld, Nether, Twilight Forest, and Hunting dimensions
* Nature's Compass
* Added the Nature's Compass mod to help players better locate certain Biomes
Mod Updates:
* Forge:
* AbyssalCraft (
* Many Changes See:
* Also:
* Actually Additions (r134)
* Worm should no longer attempt to post a UseHoeEvent on farmland.
* Only items with FE capability can be placed in the energizer.
* Oil generator outputs now properly scale with configured values.
* Animalium (0.3.7)
* Increased Bear Claw Paxel's mining speed on blocks that harvest slower to make it faster than punching them.
* Removed Flying Cake Monster spawning on Darkosto's Birthday due to it constantly spawning.
* Antique Atlas (4.4.8)
* Fixes unknown biome id crashes (Thanks The-Fireplace)
* Astral Sorcery (1.8.10)
* Tonnes of fixes!
* AutoRegLib (1.3-17)
* Better Advancements (
* Better With Addons (0.40hotfix)
* Fixes another stray CME from hardcore packing. It just keeps happening.
* Fixes two crashes with getBlockFaceShape. Oops.
* Fixes Aqueduct Water acting like a fluid tank and adds a config option to preserve that behavior
* Fixes Mooshrooms fissioning into two cows and 10 mushrooms.
* Fixes Saplings not breaking instantly because they were trying very hard to be leaves instead probably
* Fixes Greatarrows crash when impacting Biomes o Plenty soil (for how much shit i gave them about the farming crash i make a lot of the same mistakes)
* Fixes Paper Lantern recipe missing entirely
* Fixes cullfaces on recessed Tatami Mats aka they'll look better when combined with other slat block
* Better With Mods (2.1.15)
* Fixes NPE when Kiln has invalid heat source
* Fixes NPE when mods add null oredict names
* Fixes crash when placing a waterwheel in forge fluids (Oops)
* Internal Changes for CT integration
* Betweenlands (3.3.8)
* Workaround for Intel graphics driver crash
* Fixed some block models causing crash when non-forge lighting pipeline is used
* Fixed double tall underwater plant stalks not breaking when flower is broken
* Fixed Mortars not saving their rotation
* Fixed changing translation causing crash when opening Herblore book
* Fixed Valonite Shield causing crash when charging into each other
* Fixed world locations sometimes not syncing properly when teleporting
* Blood Magic (2.2.10-97)
* Fixed a client side null-pointer exception with the Blood Lamp
* It's a bright idea to fix this as soon as I can.
* Fixed a server crash when handling dye recipes
* Fixed a crash when trying to use unbound toggle-able sigils in the Sigil of Holding
* Fixed Turret Array crash on servers.
* Fixed the Blood Altar so it can actually fill Blood Orbs (derp).
* Fixed the Alchemy Array from voiding items when broken when it shouldn't have.
* Fixed Blood Tank NBT transfer between item/tile form.
* Fixed Hellfire Forge and Alchemy Table's shape-crafted-ness.
* Fixed the Living Armour Upgrade that provides night vision, so it is no longer as finicky.
* BNBGamingLib (2.11.1)
* Bonsai Trees (1.0.4-b71)
* Breaking a bonsai pot with an axe is now faster
* Fix crashes/issues caused by always returning a capability even when it shouldnt.
* Bookshelf (2.3.544)
* BuildCraft: Builders (7.99.16)
* BuildCraft: Core (7.99.16)
* BuildCraft: Factory (7.99.16)
* BuildCraft: Robotics (7.99.16)
* BuildCraft: Transport (7.99.16)
* Caliper (1.1.35)
* CD4017BE Library (6.2.3)
* Ceramics (1.3.4)
* Minor tweaks and fixes.
* Code Chicken Lib (
* Compact Machines (3.0.10-b207)
* Fix NPE when tunnels are being checked on the client side
* Only consume one catalyst item instead of the whole stack
* CraftTweaker (4.1.8)
* Cucumber (1.1.0)
* Add guide book system POGGERS
* Cyclic (1.14.9)
* Sleeping mat now correctly dismounts for you if you try to sleep on the saddle.
* Emerald Carrot retextured and renamed as Infected Carrot - new recipe, same effect.
* Fixed a small glitch where Auto Crafter fuel slot would not consuming items when fuel is at zero.
* Added a small optimization to network traffic on player join (Thanks to darkh4x).
* Fixed a dupe bug with certain items that have durability.
* Death Compass (0.0.3)
* Added a Time and date stamp to the compass so people know which is which when
* Default Options (9.2.7)
* Fixed crash on keys with colons in their names
* Dimensional Control (2.10.2)
* EnderUtils (0.7.8)
* Add a Pet Contract item, which allows changing the ownership of tameable mobs
* Add camouflage ability to the Barrel
* Add Portal type Link Crystals, allowing Portals to be "paired"
* Fix/improve some Drawbridge retraction/extension logic issues (which blocks get taken/placed in which situations)
* Fix camouflage model overlays on items (elevators)
* Fix some items always eating the keybinds even when they don't have any
* Update some registrations to new Forge events (now requires Forge 2571+)
* Environmental Tech (2.0.9c)
* Extended Crafting (1.3.1)
* Fixed the arrow in the Quantum Compressor GUI not rendering properly for recipes with large power requirements
* Fixed the Quantum Compressor ejecting ItemStacks with larger than max stack sizes
* Fixed the Quantum Compressor overwriting NBT tags
* ExtraPlanets (0.3.3)
* Fixed a few Server/Client packet handling issues
* Fixed player spawning in liquid when re-spawning after death
* Fixed NullPointerException
* Fancy Block Particles (2.4.0)
* Farming for Blockheads (3.1.12)
* Change the feeding trough range to five blocks
* Fix the feeding trough prioritizing certain animals over others, it should be more natural now
* Fix merchant falling sound not playing for other players in multiplayer
* Ferdinand's Flowers (1.10.1b)
* Hopefully fixed a naming issue- found & fixed 2 mistakes (Issue #2)
* Foamfix (
* Fix invalid Forge dependency
* #137] Fix 3D item models not rendering correctly (for example Silent's Gems shields)
* Forge MultiPart CBE (
* Fix world being null on part load
* Galacticraft Core (
* Galacticraft Planets (
* Hunting Dimension (1.0.24)
* Added a cache system for frame variants. Also removed non full blocks from the candidate list.
* Fixed setting spawn or sound chance to 0 causing a crash.
* Immersive Engineering (0.12-82)
* See:
* ImmersiveTech (1.3.8)
* Fixed Boiler crash
* Changed the distance parameters for the Solar Tower and the Reflectors
* Improved Backpacks (
* Fixed backpacks does not have tooltips
* Fixed Stack Overflow Crash
* Backpacks are now equipable in the chest slot or as a bauble
* When worn on chest backpacks can be opened with a keybind
* Optimized updating backpack tile entities on clients
* Industrial Foregoing (1.8.10-143)
* Added support for the Adult Filter in the Mob Slaughter Factory
* Added Right Click Harvestability to cocoa beans as no other mod adds it so the Plant Interactor can harvest them.
* Animal rancher will stop shearing animals if the inventory is full
* Fixed a crash with the enchantment extractor
* Inductive Logistics (1.2.1)
* InControl (3.8.0)
* Industrial Foregoing (1.9.0-163)
* Fixed Server Side Crash with the Mob Crusher
* Fixed Fluid Dictionary Converted working when no fluid was selected
* Fixed server side crash
* Integrated Dynamics (0.11.11)
* Fix Refined Storage autocrafting writer aspects not working
* Fix Mechanical Squeezer crafttweaker crash
* Fix networks with no active elements not being properly reloaded
* Fix formatting typo in value types book section
* Fix memory leak and stackoverflow due to cloning of positioned iterators, Closes #568
* Iron Backpacks (3.0.7-10)
* Iron Jetpacks (1.0.4)
* Fixed an issue with HUD rendering
* Just a Raft (1.1.2)
* Should fix a really rare crash where it gets an integer where it should get a float.
* Just Enough Items (4.9.1-175)
* KleeSlabs (5.4.9)
* Fixed Betweenlands single slabs not being breakable
* Added missing Betweenlands slabs support
* Mantle (
* Fix Heart rendering with >120 hearts. It'll loop correctly now. However if you actually had more than 120 hearts, you should take a break and reconsider your life choices.
* Fix book crashing when trying to render a missing item (at least in some instances)
* Make getSubBlocks also available serverside (pre 1.12 leftover)
* Mekanism (
* Make Universal cables ForgeEnergy a bit more cross mod friendly
* add factories to jei catalysts if enabled
* Micdoodle Core (
* Mob Grinding Utils (0.3.6)
* Complete re-code of the mod registries - under the hood changes that needed doing.
* Removed old legacy code and classes and rejigged a few bits.
* Mod Tweaker (4.0.10)
* Modular Machinery (1.9.4)
* Fixed problematic handling regarding I/O of fluids and energy leading to problematic interactions when I/O conditions were not fulfilled
* Fixed Mekanism Gas integration not properly handling input/output checks
* Modular Routers (3.1.4)
* Mystical Agradditions (1.2.8)
* Added a JEI description for Dragon Scales
* Fixed the Insanium Ingot harder recipe using the wrong essence
* Mystical Agriculture (1.6.9)
* Fixed Superium armor not having step assist (and Prudentium armor having it instead)
* Fixed Prudentium armor's model being messed up
* Natura (
* Flowers can now be able to placed on Topiary Grass
* @SideOnly has been removed from getSubBlocks
* Ore Excavation (1.4.118)
* Fixed shears not working under particular settings
* Fixed ghost blocks showing up after some excavations
* OreExcavation Integration (2.3.3)
* Overloaded (0.0.51)
* PickleTweaks (2.0.16)
* Fixed some tooltips having the wrong colored text with the latest Cucumber Library
* Make only layer 0 of the repair kit texture get colored
* Fixed repair kit texture being flat
* Placebo (1.3.4)
* Playerskin (1.0.5)
* Fixed issue with blank loot table spamming servers
* PneumaticCraft: Repressurized (0.6.3-186)
* Fix: Server crash when Spawner Agitators are used in conjunction with the Despawning Spawners mod.
* Fix: Omnidirectional Hoppers now respect the sidedness of the block they pull from
* Plastic Mixer JEI page now uses Ore Dictionary to show the dyes instead of hard-coded vanilla dye items.
* Fix: client crash when looking at RFTools Powercells with the Pneumatic Helmet Block Upgrade Tracker active.
* Power Adapters (1.0.9)
* Fixed power input and output being wrong
* Fixed block accepting power even if it's full (#1745)
* Prestige (1.0.15)
* PrimalCore (0.6.53)
* Charcoal Stacks now have a slight variation in the output grade
* Fixes for various plants and certain primal blocks not getting along during WorldGen
* Quantum Storage (4.5.0)
* Fixed z-fighting on new crate model.
* Added new models for the Crafting machine and Crating machine.
* Added Quantum Bag (Works like EE2 Alchemical Bags)
* Fixed some partials not working after model change.
* Realistic Item Drops (1.2.12)
* RebornCore (
* Reborn Storage (
* Added support for crafter manager
* Refined Storage (1.5.33)
* Added Crafter Manager
* Fixed Grid not always using all combinations when using JEI autocompletion
* Increased Grid performance
* Refined Storage Addons (0.3)
* Fixed stack-crafting in the Wireless Crafting Grid (crafting table) causing lag on a dedicated server
* Rustic (1.0.4)
* Fixed a crash from drinking wine or wildberry wine of low quality
* Smooth Font (1.15)
* Added clientSideOnly property
* Fixed the issue that a blank page texture is not loaded correctly.
* Spartan Shields (1.4.1)
* Minor tweaks and recipe fixes.
* Tesla Core Lib (
* Tinkers Construct (
* Note: This is an Alpha build but contains an possible fix for OreExc.
* Tinkers Complement (0.2.3b)
* Fix crash from melter without a heating source
* If the melter previously held solid fuel, that is now cleaned upon switching to liquid fuel
* Tweaked manyullyn armor to be more tough and provide less defense
* Fix missing repair material for manyullyn armor
* Fix temperature in the melter GUI not matching JEI
* Tinkers' Tool Leveling (1.0.4)
* Harvesting crops with kama/scythe rightclick grants xp
* Fix crash with recursion with modifiers like PortlyGentleman from PlusTic
* Toast Control (1.5.0)
* Totemic (0.11.1)
* See:
* Changed Totem Pole textures, now with paint
* Totem Poles can now face in any direction
* Totem Torch can no longer be placed in midair, and can be washed away by liquids
* Fixed weird behavior when trying to place blocks on top of Totem Torch
* Tomb Many Graves 2 (4.0.3)
* Should fix all issues with users getting the grave as a block (the block item no longer exists).
* Death item lists should now automatically enter the players' inventories upon respawning after death
* Traverse (1.5.3-58)
* Fixed a crash issue
* New Desert Shrubland biome
* Fences and fence gates now have ore dict names
* Chickens now spawn in Crag Cliffs instead of pigs
* New Arid Highland biome - hilly desert with acacia trees and a bit of grass (TEMP: Biomes.DESERT)
* New Thicket biome - dense forest with a coarse dirt and grass floor (TEMP: 0.8F Extends Biome)
* New Rocky Plains biome - a less flat plains with patches of rock and greener grass (Idea suggested by MechWarrior) (TEMP: 0.9F Extends Normal Plains)
* Triumph (1.12.0)
* Trumpet Skeleton (
* Fixed issue causing crash on dedicated server.
* Added parrot imitation sounds for Trumpet Skeletons.
* Tumbleweeds (0.4.5)
* Mod items now work in configuration
* Tumbleweeds now always travel north-west
* Uppers (0.0.6)
* Fixed redstone deleting contents on occasions
* Waddles (0.6.0)
* Rewrote registry system
* Added config option for what biomes penguins can spawn in, based on BiomeDictionary types
* Fixed penguins returning null in getLootTable, which broke compatibility with loot table mods
* WAWLA (2.5.256)
* Water Control Extreme (1.0.2)
* Wither Skeleton Tweaks (2.6.0)

  Server updated to version 2.3
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Binnie's mods
Blood Magic
CodeCicken lib
Corail Tombstone
FTB Utilities
OreExcavation Integration
Tinker's tool leveling
wither skeleton tweaks

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